Going to services.msc shows a list of all started and stopped services in windows. But you cant really delete them from there, you can only stop them or start them (and configure their properties of course).

All of these commands are to be ran from command prompt (probably one with elevated administrative privileges), interesting articles on how to start a process in “run as admin mode” (which is how we need to start cmd for these commands to work):

See all started services (this will only find started services)
> net start
See if a certain service started (if doesnt show up then not started – but could still exist)
> net start | find /i “service name”
See all started services (this will only find started services)
> sc query
See all services, started and not started services (note you must make sure you get the spacing correct with the “=” equal sign, the “=” equal sign goes right after “state” word, without any spaces between the “state” word and the “=” equal sign, and immediately after the “=” equal sign there is a space followed by the word “all” – so it has to be “state= all” and not “state=all” and not “state =all”)
> sc query state= all
See if a particular service is found (it can be started or not, this will find it)
> sc query state= all | find /i “service name”
Delete a particular service (so that it doesnt exist in the services.msc list)
> sc delete “service name”
> sc query state= all | find /i “delta”
SERVICE_NAME: DeltaCopyService
DISPLAY_NAME: DeltaCopy Server
So to delete it I will need to refer to it as DeltaCopyService
> sc delete “DeltaCopyService”

NOTE: the /i with find can be either /I or /i, most windows commands are case insensitive. The find operates like linuxes grep.

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