Organize AXIS Camera captured dated images into dated folders

My AXIS camera  (AXIS M1011-W Network Camera) captures files into files that look like this:

There are thousands of these images. The issue with lots of files of any type isRead More…


Sed – extract Nth number from each random line

Source: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/84922/extract-a-part-of-one-line-from-a-file-with-sed Imagine you have a text:

How do we extract the first number (number of animal) and the second number (number of singers). Notice that there is no pattern. so weRead More…


Bash – If – code block, one liner, and AND then OR && ||1liner

A normal if statement in bash looks like this

Here is how to make it one line

And here is how to make it one line with ampersands ands andRead More…


date – my favorite and most used Linux date commands

Read the date man page for more info. http://ss64.com/bash/date.html Also the date –help output is very useful

  The end.