VirtualBox Host Only Adapter Error VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND

Im running Windows 10 Pro Build 10586 (10.0.10586) with Virtual Box v5.0.12 r104815 If your VM uses Host Only Adapter and it fails to power on, and gives this error:

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NOTE TO SELF: Samba Watch the Locks

Watching samba locks script:

smbstatus -L  just lists the headers, but it has an extra empty line at the end, and 3 header lines. We extract the important header line, and weRead More…


Ignoring SSH Authenticity of Host Warning

Problem: If you get this warning/error when you run the ssh command:

Solution: Avoid it like this: add these options to your ssh command

The total command looks like this:

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