Scroll down to the “New and Final”. Use the first link to get to the github page (where you will see the readme of the repo). Use the 2nd link, which ends with .git, when you “clone” /download the repo with git command.

The Ancient

SickRage which started as SickBeard was originally hosted here (the first link is the site, the second link is the one you want to “git clone <link that ends with .git>“:


The Old

Then the SickBeard projected, ended so to say, and SickRage took over (SickRageTV):

The site: – this is the old site, which hosts a forum


The New and Final

Then the folks at SickRageTV had a fight (November 2015), and a new SickRage repo came out. They kicked out the developer echel0n, for whatever reason. Use this SickRage repo:

The Site:


NOTE TO OTHERS: I use the nice /Sickrage/ instead of /SickrageTV/ as it has more developers, and from reading the news it seemed like whatever echel0m did was sketchy (however you cant really fully trust what people are saying). Also I like the work of developer migotu, he seems to have switched over to the new /Sickrage/ so I followed in his footsteps. currently it seems all of the development is on /Sickrage/ and now its just echelon on /SickrageTV/ trying to develop by himself. Note that echel0n also said on his /SickrageTV/ repo page that the new clone of sickrage (/Sickrage/) is made by a bunch of hackers and will delete your entire repository. I dont believe in that, and that hasnt happened.

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