All of us CLI, command line, people use Putty or TeraTerm (I dont like you people – just kidding) day to day. We also use WinSCP to connect to SSH to see a filesystem (alike to sshfs)… Anyhow Putty is great and original and fast and easy to use. Its also opensource and old.

Opensource and old… Well guess what something came out way better then Putty… its called Kitty and no its no XXX site/program. its single handedly the best Terminal app ever. It doesnt have tabs like MultiTab Putty or SuperPutty, but  who cares we can all use our mouse and Windows+Arrow Key to arrange our windows.
What it has is extra options and it looks and feels just like putty – and it fully integrates drapdrop (you drag and drop a file from windows and it uses SCP to carry the file to your home folder) It also has a much bigger range of options.
Just get the nocompress-kitty – this is the kitty app file – what about the other types? they are all the same just different sizes its simple to use, its not like an extra mb hurt anyone these days.
Also download Also get kscp.exe – that way you can drag drop files into your kitty session (and they transfer to your home directory)

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