With Windows 8s great set of features comes complexity and some unfortunate bugs.

Here is how I fixed a reoccuring permissions issue:
I have a drive called drive E: – Ill call it SIMBA Drive for short.
On that drive I store lots of data. I carried that drive over from my old PC(win8) to this new PC (also win8). The same users were on both pcs – so it makes no sense that the permissions issues exist.
On the new PC:
I have Drive C and D the permanent local drives. Attached to a USB 3.0 port I have that big SIMBA drive E:
Anytime I Copy data over from any of the local drives to SIMBA. I get permissions issues galore. Its hard to delete the Files.
I never experienced these issues, until I setup Windows 8 on this new PC and it has been an interesting process trying to figure all this out.
(FIX 2 – GUI – Graphical User Interface Fix)
I figured out a fix where I can right click on the root folder where I copied the data to. Go to Security, Advanced Options, and make sure the following:
*The Button for inheritance: “ENABLE INHERITANCE”
*Check: Replace All Child object…
*In the Users field I make sure my Username is there with Full Control, and whatever other permissions I want (in this case nothing but Kossboss full Control)
*At the Top Owner says: Kossboss, but I click the Change blue link and add Kossboss s the Owner again, then I check “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects”
Note: When adding a user with a set of permissions in Advanced there is an option that says “Only Apply These permissions to objects and/or containers within this container”. I leave that unchecked
(FIX 2 – CLI – Command Line Fix)
I found alot of articles around the web and some scripts. I really like the idea of this next script however I find I can get good results with just one command:
(FIX 2a – CLI – Command Line Fix – 1 Commands)
One command fix (ill show 2 methods of using it on a drive or a folder) :
       1. Open CMD with Administrative Rights
       2. icacls “E:\folderwithissues\” /T /C /Q /RESET
   For full drive (the two ways dont produce diff. results)
        1. Open CMD with Administrative Rights
        2. icacls “E:\” /T /C /Q /RESET
        1. Open CMD with Administrative Rights
        2. Type “E:” and hit enter to change to that drive
        3. icacls * /T /C /Q /RESET
(FIX 2b – CLI – Command Line Fix – Script)
Interesting Script:
After reading the help pages on what everything does, this seems like it should do the job even more than the simple one command fix above – however the top seems to be quicker and also better as results. Anyhow put these commands into a bat script and run them as you wish – You can even put Windows Scheduler to run it every night to insure your permissions are perfect.


The unfortunate thing it seems that I have to keep doing all these commands over and over – however – only when I use cygwin to rsync a backup job from my local drives to this SIMBA drive. I just put in the script to do a quick  icacls “E:\” /T /C /Q /RESET in the end and I call it good

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