Here I will show you how to get SoundCloud-Downloader setup from scratch on a Linux Debian system & how to download a full playlist.

Note: you can use Windows Python for all of this. You just need to get ID3-PY, Requests and the Soundcloud packages

Using this app:

You can download songs or playlists:


* ID3-PY (for name tagging) instructions below
* Requests (for downloading SoundCloud pages): pip install requests
* Soundcloud: pip install soundcloud

How to (from Scratch)

Im assuming here your on a system without Python on it.

Update your apt with your repos

apt-get update

Get Python 2.7:

apt-get install python

Get Pip (to download packages for python):

apt-get install python-pip

Install these items (these are called python modules):

pip install distutils # comes with python so can skip
pip install distribute # doesnt come with python by default, so might need to install
pip install requests
pip install soundcloud

If above “pip install soundcloud” fails do this then try again:

easy_install -U distribute

NOTE: the above “easy_install” upgrades distribute so that soundcloud module can install

NOTE: pythons on screen error output is usually useful enough to know what to do next, whether its download the next package or whatever.

Download ID3 python module:

cd ~; mkdir id3; cd id3;

If above doesn’t download, get it from here:

NOTE: its not a popular module so it cant be installed with pip, instead we get from sourceforge (a farm of opensource stuff). Pip only installs things that are located on PyPI (Python Package Index). Its an online repo of python modules.

Install ID3:

tar xf id3-py_1.2.tar.gz
cd id3-py-1.2
python install

Download SoundCloud Downloader

cd ~; mkdir soundcloud-downloader; cd soundcloud-downloader;

Install SoundCloud Downloader (optional, so that you can run it from any folder):

cp /usr/local/bin

Done with setting it up

How to download a playlist/set:

mkdir /data/Music
mkdir Aphex-Twin
~/soundcloud-downloader/ -v

If you have it installed then you can just (notice the difference is that I didnt have to use’s full path)

mkdir /data/Music
mkdir Aphex-Twin -v


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