Note: Ive seen this issue with default snmpd that you get from “apt-get install snmpd” on Debian 7.4 (wheezy)

PROBLEM: not enough information with your snmpwalk

If you run an snmpwalk like this:


and you dont get as much information as you thought you were supposed to get. NOTE: I dont have an example here of the lack of information… but for example you only get like 10 lines out of output where as your supposed to get 100s of lines (pages of scrolls as id like to call it)


NOTE: I got the solution from observium configs, but they work all round

Then your snmpd.conf file is incorrect


Put this in the config (yes I grabbed this from an example observium config):


If you want “distro” to work with observium:

As the following link explains:

Just download it from the observium svn repository (note you dont need svn, just wget for this part)

Test it

For me since Im using debian 7.4 its output said:

Debian 7.4

NOTE: I wasnt able to get snmpwalk to display this information, and I wasnt able to get snmpget to display this information even with the all-passage snmpd configs from above

The way I tried to get them:

None of the ways work


Now reboot snmpd, dont reload just restart


Test your walks

Now you should have pages of scrolls 🙂

NOTE: these configs should be enough for the likes of observium, as I used their example config


Note that a similar config is inside observium, its actually located in /opt/observium/snmpd.conf.example. But in all actuallity, The config that I actually derived the above example from actually is here

The example config and the one on the above site differ mostly on the top line

I didnt have the 0bs3rv1um community even though I use observium, mine is called something else (but using “public” as in my example config at the top will work)

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