NOTE: The “rename” tool im using is the perl rename tool sometimes called “prename”, “”, or simply rename (sidenote, there is also another similar tool called “rename” tool from a package called util-linux, which isnt as good as the one we work with – google “rename util-linux”, I have more info on the provided link). More information on perl rename and not-as-good-util-linux rename:


This is grabbed from my other article (which had a section that could stand on its own): this one

Making output prettier

So we use “rename” which is a perl program, can be downloaded here:

Then I made a small edit in so that instead of it showing things it will rename (or already renamed as), as simply “rename as”, i changed its code to say “———–>” instead. That way its easier to see what its doing. Example:

Normally it would say:
10,000 Days 2014 UNRATED HDRIP x264 AC3 TiTAN.mkv renamed as 10,000 Days 2014.mkv

But I made it say:
10,000 Days 2014 UNRATED HDRIP x264 AC3 TiTAN.mkv ----------> 10,000 Days 2014.mkv

Its much easier to see how much that helps when you have a huge list of renames.

The edit looks like this, first locate the rename program “which rename” for me its here “/usr/bin/rename“. So open up an editor “vi /usr/bin/rename” and go to line 65 (Press 65 then Shift G)

Change line 65 from saying this:

print "$was renamed as $_\n" if $verbose;

To say this:

print "$was ----------> $_\n" if $verbose;

Note: there are some spaces or tabs leading up to the print statement, make sure to leave those there. They didnt get included in the paste, when I pasted here.

Save and exit

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