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Info on plugins

Plex installs its plugins to a folder, plugins show up as channels within your Media Manager



To ensure correct install of plugin: make sure plugin folder ends with .bundle, and you see a folder inside the .bundle folder thats called Contents. Then reload the Media Manager and your plugin should appear as a Channel box.

By example I will show how to install a plugin below.

Unsupported Appstore Plugin (The Plugin Repository)

The coolest and biggest list of plugins can come actually from 1 plugin. This plugin is like an app store of plugins (free plugins):


To install it, go to the link, download the ZIP, extract it, make sure the folder name is UnSupportedAppstore.bundle (in other words remove the -master suffix from the folder name). You know you have it correctly structured, if you go into the folder UnsupportedAppstore.bundle and you see another folder called Contents.

Look at how its installed in my windows plex setup (I have Plex installed to F:\Programs0\PlexData\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins)

Above is the folder when you right click on the plex icon and click Open Plugins folder.

I think the rest is pretty straight forward. This is how they appear in plex. Open up your Media Manager

Note: above is what I see when I right click on the Plex Icon, notice the Media Manager and the Open Plugins Folder 

Then click on the Channels link

You will see all of your plugins (might take a few moments/ refreshes/relogins to see them)

There is no shame in showing my plugins:

Plexdoops – Plex-Duplicates – Find Duplicates

UPDATE: 2015-09-23 doesnt work on latest plex anymore probably because changes authentication scheme or something or that fact that you can have your server encrypted now

And all different approach to plugins, is making your own apps via other programming languages (such as ruby) to interact with plex.

Here is an app thats called Plex-Duplicates that will login to a Plex server and find all of the duplicates.

You can use the same PC or another PC (as long as it has access to the port 32400 of plex). You must install the latest ruby (it worked with 2.1.2 for me – currently I see 2.1.4, it should work with that as well I suppose)


This uses ruby bundler, more info on that (its like pip for python):


Bundler provides a consistent environment for Ruby projects by tracking and installing the exact gems and versions that are needed.

Gems are packages in ruby



Update on plex-duplicates (I made a small edit). The normal script didnt have a save option and if you redirected to a file, it would be filled with alot of binary data that has to do with the page always being cleared because the output for the progress uses “print” (which keeps printing on the same line). I changed the output of the progress to stderr using puts, and that gives it a scrolling effect, but the main reason i did it is not for the scrolls (because the scrolls look terrible), its so that you can have good normal output. Here is my plex-doops script below.

If you were interested in the contents of the duplicates .rb code, this one includes my edits: /root/plexdoops/duplicates.rb

Here is my pdcron.sh file. I run this in a cron job bash script file:

And here is my cronjob list looks like this:

Test run it with /root/plexdoops/pdcron.sh and results should be in /root/plexdoops/results. Also can test run with running the ruby script /root/plexdoops/duplicates.rb TARGETIP TARGETPORT, like this /root/plexdoops/duplicates.rb 9999 or like this /root/plexdoops/duplicates.rb (if your using the 32400 normal port of plex)

Here is everything in a zip file (including the original duplicates.rb and my edits): Plexdoops-by-infotinks  <- this doesnt contain ruby or bundler or any of the dependencies that gemfile gets. you will need to get those your self with apt-get and bundle (using my instructions above – as they get everything)

3 thoughts on “Plex Plugins & Unsupported AppStore Plugin & Plex-Duplicates/Plexdoops

  1. New to Plex… Thanks for your article. I’m writing here because you said it may be sooner-noticed than an email would be.

    Do you have any insight into an API/SDK? My motivation is to create a search function to search channels that are in the Unsupported bundle. The links I have found (dev.plex.tv) no longer seem to exist and the official Plex website doesn’t seem geared toward devs/providers at all.

    Thought you might be a good person to ask. No sweat if you don’t know. Thanks either way!

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