Text Compressor:


This takes text and converts it to compressed text (using all characters excluding none printable characters and spaces, so only keyboard characters are used)

For example here is a famous friendship poem (SOURCE: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poems/famous/friendship/):

Most friendships only last for a particular phase of our lives. When that developmental period is over, the friendship may dissolve. For a friendship to last a lifetime there must be something really special between you. There must be a connection that transcends time and space. This kind of a friendship also takes a certain flexibility. People change throughout their lifetimes and they must continue to search for commonalities between the themselves if they expect their friendship to endure.Thats 497 characters Total. Here is it compressed into 376 characters (it can be decompressed with above tool):


That longer the texts the better the compression usually is. Just dont try to compress text that is already compressed (you can) it will be longer.

BASE 64 plus more tools (online GZIP but it outputs Binary Data)


This can convert Text to its encoded form (not compressed). Encodings look like they are encrypted but they are not, they can be decoded. Originally, They are used mostly to save image files and attachments in emails.

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