Note to self – Installing drive RTL8723AS on Lenovo Yoga 13

Tested on 3.13.5 on Debian 7.4. Although this is a note to self, im sure others can use this as well. However I just got everything from here:

Pre Requesite:  apt-get install build-essential

Also will need kernel-headers (source code works as well):


Now that driver should load permanently, check with “lsmod”, also this should persist in reboots, and you should have it. In Gnome you should be able to now browse your Wifi networks. “iwconfig” should show that you have “wlan0”.

If your kernel updates due to whatever reason, you can always do this to reinstall it:

This should be in the mainline kernel. Note: In the kernel you 3.13.5, I saw that you can install RTL8723AE, but that didnt work, the above steps worked though.

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