Good for folders which contain many zip files, and rar files. If you want to use them have at it. My advice: read up the comments and test them first on folders you have zips & rars. Some are a combo utility, like rtunzip scripts will unzip and then follow with unrars (because lots of zips contains rars). fix-permission script thats mentioned is personal forgetaboutit.

This is a continuation from this: unrar123

Its probably best you copy out all of these out to notepad++ or sublime and analyze the code. Each script is separated between the percent-sign line separators. Date is at the top so you know how late these scripts are.

I used unrar2 the most, its the one that extracts to an _extracted / _ex-archivename folder in the same folder as where the rar is at. So I decided to do just that with the unzip scripts. So I didnt make a synomous unzip script for unrar1 & unrar3. So I dont have unzip scripts that extract to the same folder (like my unrar1 script) and I dont have unzip scripts that extract to a different directory tree (like my unrar3 script). Instead the unrar3 scripts

NOTE TO SELF: to get latest scripts run this ~/scripts/

Daily updated:

Below is syntax highlighted and updated when I feel like it (for latest go to above link)



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