When downloading from the internet (example from Torrents), you might have a lot of directories with rar files. Some sources provide most to all of their content archived in single or multiple rar files. Usually one extracts those files immediately after download, but sometimes you can get lost in the amounts of directories and lose track of which folders/directories have rar files that were not yet extracted.

Using this bash command (works in linux/cygwin/wsl/unix/mac) you can find out which of your subdirectories have unextracted rars.

First create this script ListUnextractedRARs.sh. I just have this in my downloads directory, as thats my common place to run it from. However you can put it in your $PATH so that you can call it easily from any path. This works because script looks for unextracted rars in the current working directory. Make sure its executable by its permissions.

Now run that script

So from this output, we know that AwesomeTools has an unextracted rar/rars files.

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