Hi everyone,

Here is a collection of LG headset manuals. I dont work for LG. I just collected these manuals as LG wasnt providing them on their site. Apparently you all can get them from here now: http://www.lg.com/us/support/manuals 



Hi LG,

Your manuals, are nowhere to be found on google. And not on your website. In fact they are not even listed as products in your product categories in your support section (i went thru the whole tree).

I took into my own hands to get ahold of support and get these files, and redistribute them. So that noone has the same frustration I did.

I bought the HBS800 device off a friend on Friday. He lost the manual. However the device worked. It took me 30 minutes of trial and error to figure out how to team them up and an additional 30 minutes to find out what every button does. On Tuesday (as Monday was a holiday), I was able to get the manuals off your chat support.


Dear Public, Here are the Manuals:

HBS-900: HBS900 Manual PDF (also known as the LG TONE INFINIM)

HBS-800: HBS800 Manual PDF

HBS-750: HBS750 Manual PDF

HBS-760: HBS760 Manual PDF (thanks s.hill. )

HBS-730: HBS730 Manual PDF

HBS-700: HBS700 Manual PDF

18 thoughts on “LG Tone Manuals HBS700 HBS730 HBS750 HBS760 HBS800 HBS900

  1. Thank you! I bought the Tone Pro (HBS750) and I have the manual, but the print is too small for me to read! This is so much easier (once I found your downloads). Thank you!

  2. I’m always so grateful to folks like you who take the time to do what the manufacturers don’t. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I was surprised I had to call in to get the manual PDF. I even told the guy giving them to me, ill put these on my site. And he is like ahh…. and I stopped him and reassured “Dont worry you wont get fired, these are supposed to be public”.

  3. You’ve done a great service for the rest of us. Thanks for the time you’ve taken to complete this task and for having done such a good job of it. The documentation for my 750 looks great and is so much more legible than the matchbook manual that came with the device. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you SO much! Seriously, that print on the LG manual for my new headset is ridiculously small. I can’t believe the manual isn’t online without you doing it. LG should pay you.

  5. Does anyone happen to know the (probably insignificant)!difference between the manual version 1.0 (the awesome one you posted) and 2.0 (the one I got in hard copy)?

    1. Me too haha thats why I decided to give em the good ol 12 and post their own missing materials – I had to hackle with thier phone support till they finally gave em to me :-). haha

  6. The headphone are acting up the voice dial dials the number but I can not here the person I am calling when the answer there phone.I can I can only here them when they call me back,
    I notice a sharp very high buzz before the call goes out?

  7. Thanks so much! What is up with LG not having these available for download. On their site they only offer manuals for two models. You have provided a much needed service.

    I need a manual for the HBS 760 and have not found one. Do you know where I can find one? THANKS!

    1. Im sure its possible to change the language to English. However I dont use these headsets anymore. You would have to probably look that up online or call their tech support. I dont have that information, im not affiliated with LG. Im just a person that was surprised that they didnt post their manuals online, so I posted them on my own site (after I got them from directly: I called their Tech support and asked for a copy of the PDFs)

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