NOTE: works with ext3 and ext4

Just edit the dst1, log1, srcdev1 variables. This will list all of the files  and subfolders on the root of srcdev1, and it will launch an rdump for each one (one after another, not in parallel). There is good loggin involved as well. This should work on all systems.

TIP: read this whole page before running everything (the comments are useful)

CAVEAT: lost+found folder is not extracted out (if you want it, use the script at the very bottom, we just needed to edit the SHARES variable at the top to not-discard lost+found entries)

NOTE: we use debugfs on ext vols that are too corrupt to mount, but not corrupt enough to be completely useless.


First test if you can even access the system via debugfs

I recommend start screen so that everything runs in background:

Here is the script (its copy pasteable, just edit the variables, oh – also make sure swap is enabled as this might eat alot of ram. Note that I have told the log1 file to be appended with the date, you can change that if you want. You can mod anything under the “– variable –” section)

If you really want the lost+found folder then use this script instead (same rules and tips apply as above script):

After launching it, since its running in screen you can close out of screen via “CONTROL-A d” which will detach, your processes will still run as you can confirm with “ps ax” or “ps” or “top -cbn1”. You can also “tail -f” your log file. Or maybe even run a watch command like this which will list top info, df info, and the last few lines of the log file:


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