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Look up smtp server and port settings in google and dont forget to check in those settings if you need ssl(tls) enabled with google search.
If you need ssl, then check the tls checkbox. If you need tls also check the tls checkbox.

Example of the google search:
“gmail smtp settings” or “ smtp settings” etc.

–Example with–
Imagine I have the following account from yahoo.
password: whocares
And lets say I want 2 of my alerts to recieve the email: and
What will happen is the NAS will use the smtp settings of yahoo, and send out emails from
The trick with emails, the reason we have to fill this stuff out instead of just tell the nas who to email when an alert happens – we also need to tell the nas who to email from – every email comes from some email server.

* Alert Contact 1 ( Who will recieve the alert):

* Alert Contact 2 ( Who will recieve the alert):

* Email Provider: Custom

* User (just the username name of the account your sending from): infotinks

* Password (password of the account your sending from): whocares

* SMTP (smtp settings of the account your sending from – this is what your google search should lead you to):

* SMTP PORT (smtp port of the account your sending from – this is another item your google search should result in): 465

* From (this is the full email address from your sending):

* Use TLS (since yahoo said i need to use ssl to use their smtp server to send emails out, i needed to check this): Check

If the provider wanted me to send out TLS, then I would check that as well – obviously

So everytime an alert happens the following 2 emails go out:
email 1 from:
email 1 to:

email 2 from:
email 2 to:

Notice the first email is just a looped back email – its okay to do that.

I hope that helps out everyone figure out the SMTP alert settings

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